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Austin Custom Decks is a "TrexPro Gold" Contractor !

Trex Wood-Polymer™ lumber brings together some of the best properties of wood and plastic.  Compared to conventional decking lumber, Trex decking offers much more: outstanding durability without the use of preservatives or sealants, workability that wood can't match, and an elegant natural coloring that stays looking great for many years.

Trex decking is made from reclaimed & recycled materials.

There are two "ingredients" in Trex decking - waste wood fiber and reclaimed plastics, such as grocery sacks and stretch film.

  To make Trex Wood Polymer lumber, approximately equal amounts of waste wood fiber and reclaimed plastic are combined. The wood fiber comes primarily from woodworking operations, while the plastic material is reclaimed mainly from stretch film and grocery sacks.  During the "mixing" of these elements, the plastic actually surrounds and protects the individual wood fibers, giving Trex decking many of its superior weather-resistant properties.  

Trex decking contains no virgin wood or virgin plastics.  No preservatives or treatments are added during its manufacture.  In addition, Trex is completely recyclable after use through the Trex Recycling Program.


Structures using composite lumber like Trex decking have been standing up to the toughest environments for over ten years.